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Children culturally educational activities’ cycle „Open World for Opportunities and Skills”


Riga Latvian Society (RLS), starting from January 18 this year, organises culturally educational activities’ cycle for children. During the activities the children will have opportunity to train attention and concentration skills, develop and improve emotional expressing opportunities, reduce tension and promote breaking of different barriers, learn conflict solution, develop social communication and will be promoted to participate in artistic amateur performances.  

To activities are welcome children from children’s homes, Strazdumuiža Boarding school – development centre for the visually impaired and blind children, Oskars Kalpaks Elementary School of National Arts and Crafts, Latvian Foster Family Society’s social castaway risk subjected children, children and youth from poor families, and children and youth with disabilities.

RLS is organising educational and active events, where children and youth will have opportunity to listen to contest-concert cycle „Talent for Latvia” participants and meet the new musicians. Riga Municipality Police representative Aija Lilienfelde will tell how to behave on the street, in water and how safely use the internet. All the interesents will have also the excursion through the RLS historic premises together with the cheerful dwarf. Also other interesting adventures and events are expected.

In the first part of the year 2014 children and youth will have opportunity to participate in several creative workshops:

  • Animation Workshop – in this workshop children and youth will learn how to make animation films, how to paint in different techniques with different materials (newspapers, buttons, acorns, etc.), gaining idea about animation films’ making and materials’ ability to revive in animation. The participants will make the animation film about theme „The Good around Us”.
  • Handicraft Workshop – children and youth will have opportunity to make sitting pillows by using different handicraft techniques (work with fabric, wool, strings, pearls – sewing, fancy-work, crochet, synthesis of techniques, nature materials). In conclusion the participants will make pillows’ exhibition „My Favourite Pillow”.
  • Singing Workshop – singing lessons, by learning interesting songs, preparing performances for half year’s concluding concert.
  • Dancing and Movement Workshop – opportunity to learn stylized dances, opportunities to unite movement with dancing elements. Lessons promote skill to work in group, develops movements and coordination skills. In conclusion the participants will prepare performance for the concluding concert.

The second part of the year 2014 will be devoted to learning of different crafts and skills.

  • Handicraft Workshop – making of spatial figures, decorations, objects, postcards, collages, toys, ethnographic decorations and other objects, using different handicraft techniques.
  • Ceramics Workshop – making of plant, animal and human stylizations, masks, reliefs, small plastic objects, ornaments, vessels, etc., learning ways of making ceramics objects.
  • Tie-Dye Workshop – tie-dye of postcards, napkins, gift bags, decorations, clothes, accessories, interior objects in different techniques (fabric printing, marbling, traditional tie-dye, silk painting).
  • Sewing, Modelling Workshop – insight in clothes and style history, sewing of interior objects, clothes and accessories. Making of blanks, clothes sewing, work with sewing-machine.

Activities will take place:

In the Riga Latvian Society White or Fireplace Hall on 18.01., 01.02., 15.02., 01.03., 15.03., 29.03., 12.04., 26.04., 10.05., 24.05., 31.05.2014.

In Oskars Kalpaks Elementary School of National Arts and Crafts premises on 06.09., 20.09., 04.10., 18.10., 01.11., 15.11., 29.11.2014.

Children culturally educational activities’ cycle takes place within the project „Let’s Open the World for Opportunities and Skills” that is organised by the Riga Latvian Society in cooperation with Creative association for youth TREPES, Strazdumuiža Boarding school – development centre for the visually impaired and blind children and Latvian society in Norway.  


Māra Kokina


T. 29294757 

Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

This publication has been made with European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism’s and State of Latvia financial support.

The Riga Latvian Society is responsible for the content of the publication

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